An afternoon with Chef Carol Dearth


It was one fine Bellevue afternoon, when chef Carol Dearth welcomed me to her cooking school in Bellevue, The Sizzle Works.

I instantly feel at home. It’s warm, welcoming and very well decorated as if it’s going to be a big family dinner gathering.

Chef Carol  found her love in cooking while she was living in Italy followed by formal trainings including the Le Cordon Blue in London and 20 years of sharing her culinary expertise with her students.

Chef Carol appears as co-hosts at KCTS9 Cooks, a PBS TV show focused on local cooks and have released a book called “Cooking Class”.

Her cooking school in Bellevue offers classes, special events, wine events, chef’s night out, team event & private parties.

So, what’s next in Sizzle Works calendar ? This October, chef Carol will be teaching “Oven to Table roast”, Tarts and Pies for the Holiday”, and “Quick Pasta”.

To learn more about chef Carol and her cooking classes, visit : where she shares her recipes and cooking tips.

One thought on “An afternoon with Chef Carol Dearth

  1. I ma a guest chef with Carol on occasion, and I have to say – she (and her school) are as wonderful as the article says.

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