The Spirit of Valentine at Bellevue’s Safeway

I know it’s around the corner and we don’t want to be unindated with so many Valentine’s cliche. But looking at this festive decoration just brought joy to my heart. It’s not about couples. It’s about Love.  To anyone, including ourselves.

If you are going to be alone this Valentine, be giving. Give love to to others. This just reminds me of an article about Jennifer Aniston. She said, she would rather give all of her money away for a true love. And like many other celebrities, they can’t seem to be alone. They break up and a week later, they are with someone else. And that is sad. If I were Jennifer Aniston, I will give all of my love the ones in need. Poor children around the world.

Love can’t be bought. It comes in time. It can’t be forced. When we give love, we receive love. There is this satisfaction inside of us about giving. Love is also unconditional.

Give love to someone who needs it today. If you need it, do something special just for yourself.

I love you :0)


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