Around The World With Anthropologie

I am an Anthro card member from Anthroplogie,  that means I can do receipt-free returns and able to preview Anthropologie newest collections and shop them before they’re available in stores or online. I also receive their catalogue regularly which gives me inspiration to style and interior design.

I don’t shop at Anthropologie as much as I used to. I normally shop there on Fall because I love their Fall fashion style. Especically after I found about  Spool No 72 and Shop Ruche two vintage store online with Bohemian styles that are to die for.

Last weekend, I received their new catalogue and can’t help but noticed a Moroccaninspired clothes that reflect a kind of refined bohemian that appeals to me. So I made a little trip to Anthropologie, got myself a gypsy looking pants to match my lacy tops. It’s an ethnic heaven there ; Argentinian, Brazillian, Indian, Italian, Colombian, Spain, Portugal and Marrakech, even Down Under inspired clothing.

I will post pictures of the style later on today.


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