From The Streets Of Marrakech

I got this gypsy pants from Anthropologie. It’s not even on the display yet. They told me that I will be the first one wearing it.

When I dress up, it’s not all about being pretty, stylish, or wearing something expensive.  And-God forbid- it’s not about just to cover my body or showing too much skin to be considered sexy. To me, it is wearing something that has a story behind it. Like this style I’m wearing today.

This style inspired by the streets of Marrakech. Comfortable and yet chic.  Perfect for shopping in the souk, lounging by the pool, or meeting friends for drinks at Jad Mahal.  It’s as if life were just one long vacation.  And even if both you and I know that that most definitely isnot the case, there is no harm in dressing as if it were.  Is there?

Life is fun and have fun with your style. Fantasize beautiful places you want to be and dress accordingly.

I Love Being A  Girl.

Souk : In the Arab world, a souk is a market, which may be held in a designated commercial quarter, or in an open-air location.

Jad Mahal : Or Palais Jad Mahal, through the restaurant at the far end of the courtyard, the Jad Mahal’s bar is a favourite local spot to linger over cocktails by the bronze elephant until staff crank up the volume on a catchy song, the house cover band arrives, or diners break into spontaneous dance moves over an ’80s tune, whichever comes first.


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