An Afternoon In Bellevue

The annual Bellevue Mingle events at Bellevue Arts Museum has always intrigued me.  Bellevue Mingle is an event organized by Downtown Bellevue Association for downtown condo and apartment residences to connect. Bellevue Arts museum is within a walking distance from my place. It was a perfect day for an afternoon walk, photo shoot and see the dynamic of the city.

Through Bellevue Mingle I found information on all types of businesses in Bellevue from restaurants, wineries, fitness facilities,banks, coffee shops and patisseries, hotels, comedy club and many more. Most of all I get a chance to find out about Bellevue Arts Museum recent exhibition.

I love museums, arts, paintings, poetry. I had a chance to witness a Kabuki performance, a piano concerto at Centre Culturel Francais de Bandung, Monet & Andy Warhol painting exhibition in Las Vegas and I hope, many more exhibitions in the future. I even took a Haiku writing class and written a few Haiku poetry. It was fun fulfilling experience.

Today, I had a chance to witness the wonders of the art creation by very talented artists, such as :

Wanxin Zhang : This exhibition provides an in-depth survey of internationally celebrated San Francisco-based artist Wanxin Zhang. Inspired by the Qin terracotta army of Xi’an and the artist’s own experiences during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Zhang’s massive clay figures cross over from history into today’s culture. Balancing traditional Chinese imagery with modern, often Western peculiarities, each figure becomes part of a larger community and those who engage with their distinct personalities.

John Cederquist : John Cederquist explores the relationship between reality and illusion in his functional furniture pieces. Ingeniously constructed and infused with vivid imagery that shifts viewpoints multiple times, Cederquist’s works engage not only the eye, but the mind.

The mysterious content of softness : Fiber techniques such as knitting and crochet have long helped us to fashion personal identity, whether through the clothing we wear or our cultural traditions. Bringing together 11 national and international artists, this exhibition is an exploration of the fiber’s potential to both address and shape who we are.  Diem Chau : Porcelain plates, organza & thread.

Angela Hennesy : Crocheted thread, hair nets, velvet fuzz framed.

Lauren Di Cioccio : Embroidery on organza

James Gobel : Felt, yarn, acrylic on canvas

Lisa Kellner : Silk organza

Miller & Shellaburger : Archival pink yarn

Angela Ellsworth : Seer bonnets

Bellevue Arts Museum also provides Lectures & Artist talks, Tours and Demonstrations, and Workshops.

Coming Up, opens May 26, 2011 : New Latin America Jewelry


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