Cherry Blossom

Last weekend, I drove through a Cherry Blossom lane and imagined how beautiful they would be, to be photographed for my blog. Of course, due to to our unpredictable weather, I wasn’t able to do that until today.

Part of writing a blog that I really enjoy is to determine the photo shoot location. Each time I was on the road, I noticed a really unique place for a photograph, I am excited to go there and take pictures. I wonder it must be the same excitement a location scout have when they are searching locations for filming. It must be a hell of a fun job.

Actually, I get to do that on my own, is a HELL of a fun job, too. And I get to dress up.

The photo shoot today was a magical day. As my fiancee took pictures of me the wind blew petals of Cherry Blossom all over us. Nature agrees with our love.

I am wearing my romper and another vintage shades. Notice the shades has a ribbon style on the temple area ? Isn’t that adorable ?

My most favorite is my Clinique “Red Licorice” lipstick. It’s not an ordinary red lipstick. It has a bronze tone into it, which is an amazing color for my olive skin.  It is my “lift me up” make up when I don’t feel like wearing any make up at all. Just put on that lipstick and it changes the whole appearance.


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