Fo right now I enjoy living in downtown…

Fo right now….

I enjoy living in downtown Bellevue and what it has to offer, but I dream to someday live in Paris, New York, or Provence. And to me it’s not  just  a dream. It is a plan that I make for my future and I am going to make it happen. The key is to never lose your “fire” and keep focus. When challenges occurs, see it as a stepping stone to get to the higher place.

Today, my fiancee and I  took an afternoon walk from our home to Belcarra,  to the Hyatt, Bellevue Square  and ends at Tap House Grill for  a late lunch. The beauty of working on our own, is we can really focus on beautiful things in life when we want to do it.

Even though it’s not for everyone, if you ever think  starting your own business is impossible, just look at Barbara Corcoran. An American real estate investor and agent, she wanted to be her own boss and in 1973 started a real estate business called The Corcoran Group with a $1000 loan. 

In 2001, Corcoran sold her real estate company to the giant NRT Incorporated for an estimated $70 million.

Never say never.


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