Let Your Guy Pick Out Your Outfit – Day 3

My fiancee woke up this morning ready to pick out my outfit. That’s how excited he is about this project. For who just read this post, we are doing a project to have him pick my outfit every day.

Most of my girl friends told me they would never allow their man to do this. Understandable, most man doesn’t even know how to dress themselves. LOL. Don’t judge them, though. They are  men and dressing up is not really their thing. But can you trust them to dress you up ?

Here’s what I found out so far. It brings us closer. My fiancee gets to know more about my clothing and he appreciates that I trust him. This is good for him. He feels like he knows how to take care of me. And girls, if you know how to make a man feel important, you already won half of his heart.

I think you should really try it with your man and see what he comes up with.

It is so much fun. And if they don’t do a good job, laugh together.

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