True Religion

Inspired by styles from the 1970s, True Religion is my number one choice of  jeans.

Besides hugging  my curves on the right places, perfect length for my long legs, their best sellers called Women’s Becky (my real name).  A True Religion classic, Becky is the most famous regular rise, bootcut style featuring the signature multi thread combo and back flap pockets embellished with the iconic “U” logo.

When picking out your jeans, pick the ones that compliment your body.

Here are guides to choose the right jeans for your body type.

If you have a…

Petite frame:  Skinny or straight-leg jeans are best because they’re the easiest to tailor if they need to be hemmed. Stay away from cuffs, which make you look even shorter than you are.

Apple shape: The most important factor for apples is where the waist of the jean hits. You want it to be right in the middle, not below your waist, or you’ll have the dreaded muffin-top effect to deal with.

Plus-size figure: Straight-legged, dark denim jeans with stretch are the most flattering and slimming. Forget patches or embellishment of any kind, as they distract from the clean lines.

Pear shape:  Low-rise jeans are ideal because they visually shorten the widest part of your body. Stiff jeans with less stretch hold in your shape the most.

Athletic build: Jeans with lots of stretch are key because they fit around muscular legs and won’t leave a gap in the back of a slim waist.

Long and lean: Go for a pair with flair at the bottom. They’ll balance out the string-bean look and cover your shoes a bit more.

Hourglass figure: High-waist jeans are great for drawing attention to a small waist, which can get overshadowed by curves above and below.

New-mom body: Dark denim with lots of stretch is perfect for accommodating and camouflaging a post-baby belly. Also key: something affordable, as your size is most likely temporary.

Bellevue Square Mall carries all True Religion products.


































3 thoughts on “True Religion

  1. Your True Religons are so pretty! I love how you can access TR right at your local mall, whereas I have to travel about an hour.


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