Sweet Evening Delight

Tonight, I am going to treat myself to scented candles, body cream, baby blue nail polish and good books.

For those who knows me well, I am a big fan of cup cakes. I found Vanilla cupcake scented body cream, Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Sprinkles scented candles and Vanilla scented Rose petals. Not only they smells delectable, they are so pretty.

I usually applied the body cream before bed time because I love waking up smelling like Vanilla. It’s a great way to start my day. The scented candles smells so good even when it’s not burning, it lifts my spirit up every time.

The books are inspirational book I gave to my fiancee and a book of love my fiancee gave me, great read and reminder to always think positive.

Baby blue nail polish is my favorite summer color for right now.

This is a way to make your life better and inexpensive, too. Regardless of how bad your day was, you will look forward to go home and enjoy the heaven you create.