Pour La Victoire

My fiancee was looking at women’s bridal shoes one day and introduced me to Pour La Victoire shoe line. I’m hooked instantly. Pour La Victoire has fashionable and unmatchable look. Like most European style, it redefined women’s shoes and  making it the focal point of any outfit.

They are made for the 21st century Marie Antoinette.  One of their strength is their ability to create such unique heel shapes, eccentric & stunning silhouettes creating  a trendy line inspired by French beauty which is flirty, playful, and feminine.  I lusted over their pumps, peep toe heels, ankle tie sandals, platform booties.

Today I found their most enticing cutout suede “Farrah”  flat sandals, and I have to have it. It’s  unbelievably soft and comfortable.

Pour La Victoire means For Victory in French, and I do feel victorious in those sandals.