Shopping With My Best Friend

To my daughter, my best friend.

“Best friends are like good bras.

They are hard to find, they always support you, gives you comfort, always lifts you up, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, makes you look better, and ALWAYS close to your heart.”

Shopping, salon, eating out, make up time……

And now, it’s time to rest…until next time.


One thought on “Shopping With My Best Friend

  1. You’re daughter is beautiful! Precious soul. She must be so lucky to have you as her Mom, who can teach her the art of shopping, about fashion, style, make up and all of the finest things in life..
    Is she still in high school or in college now? I think my daughter is about her age. She is a smart, talented and beautiful young lady, just like yours.. We came from the Philippines and are not as rich as you.. that’s why I motivated her to be an achiever in this life.. She is now study at the university. I may not be able to provide her with alot of things she wanted but when she graduated and find a decent job, she will be independent.. and with her degree, I believe that she can find a respectable job and able to buy all the good things that she always long to have.

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