Bridal Make Up

To find the best look for my wedding, my make up artist and I have been playing on different bridal make up looks.

I am a big fan of earth tone make up colors like  brown, coral, golden shimmer. I  know these are the best color for me.

I want a make up that brings out both  Asian and Caucasian in me. From previous experiences, it’s not always easy to find a make up artist who understands the skin tone and  eye shape of  Asian women which needs to produce bigger, bolder, and more significant eye look.

Here are make up artists who had created every day look for me and I strongly recommend to you :

Raissa Angelica, Youtube  :

Alex Peacock, Gene Juarez Northgate

Trinity, Gene Juarez Northgate

Crosbie, Gene Juarez Downtown Seattle

Reine, Gene Juarez Lynnwood

The  first picture below is done by Raissa following my request for Earth tone natural colors.

Second picture is Raissa’s creation using Naked Palette by Urban Decay.

Third picture done by Alex Peacock at Gene Juarez Northgate.

Fourth picture is a disaster a make up artist did on me, she made my eyes looks like I was half asleep !




One thought on “Bridal Make Up

  1. This is great advice for many Asian women. Often times artists can have difficulty with the beautiful Asian eye. I think understanding and listening to your client and understanding how the shape of the eye works will help provide the maximum output. We have many Asian clients at Pacific Artistry and love working with these beauties! The looks are great, thanks for the tips!

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