About True Love

When you give your heart to someone, it’s like you walk around with a hole in your chest. The person has your heart and you become powerless. They either can take care of your heart and make you happy, or crush it and make you sad.

At what point do you realize that it’s okay to trust your heart to someone, that they deserve your heart.

You’ll never know. But with time, you will see that there is differences. Between a person who is willing to treat your heart with love and kindness, or a person who struggles to do that but never give up and a person who obviously just playing games with you.

That’s when you realize what to do.

No relationship is perfect. Nobody’s perfect. One person lacks one thing and another person lacks another.  You can’t just jump from one problem to another hoping the next relationship will be better. You will always be disappointed.

Once you know that a person is worth your forgiveness, you will accept it and you will not give up easily. It builds your character and make you stronger. It makes you compassionate.

Remember the Phoenix Bird mythology. They regenerate when hurt or wounded. They came out gloriously strong and beautiful.

That’s what strength and patience is all about.

If you think it will always be flowers and butterflies, you  put yourself in a place to get hurt easily. And who are we to judge because we all makes mistakes.



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