Effortlessly Chic

“The Number 124 Rule of A Lady”, A Little Goes A Long Way. This applies to make up, perfume, and amount of skin shown in that cute little date night number.

Have you ever felt like you just don’t feel like dressing up ? You just want to go out putting on the easiest clothes you can find in your closet and to wear no make up at all ?

It happens to me all the time.

While we all see some women walking around half naked in their skimpy clothes with full make up on, I am a big believer of going out effortlessly chic.
Don’t feel pressured to look like the rest of the world. Don’t feel like you have to be sexy to be liked by man.
Don’t feel like you have to show it all off to hide your insecurities.
You don’t have to follow all the rules about make up ; eye liners and fake lashes.

You can’t make the best of your self if you’re trying to get the best of someone else.

Find out your unique gifts. What you’re made of inside. Your magnetism and charm. Then use it to your advantage instead of showing too much skin and hide behind heavy make up. You will find that people will genuinely attracted to you. Refuse to follow conformity.  It is the enemy of growth.

Find one unique clothing that accentuate your best but be classy. Add unique accessories and big dark mascara. That’s exactly what I did last night.

I never felt more beautiful.