Lipstick Jungle, Dress To Impress

For those who watched “Lipstick Jungle” at NBC TV might notice the fashion throughout the whole show. That is exactly what I think all women should dress like. I am dead serious.

All three female characters always dress to impress, wears the power dresses that commands respect and positive attention, yet very feminine, sophisticated and definitely sexy.

It is a breath of fresh air that women can learn, you can dress respectable and still look good. You can look attractive at any age if you dress properly. If you’re young you think you can get away with skimpy clothes and if you’re older you want to dress to look young. The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t always looks good.

Here are some ideas that you can imply to your wardrobe : Silk tops with pencil skirts, unique belt, strand of pearls, statement jewelries like big chunky necklaces and bold rings, dropped earrings, day wear up do, modern vintage, stilettos, and designer purses to complete your success look. Jeans, white T-Shirt and chunky jewelries for casual occasion. All of the clothes fits the sophisticated length which is an inch or two above or below your knees. No skimpy tight skirts that are too short.

After watching Lipstick Jungle, I am more convinced that fashion is all about dressing up and be classy regardless of what your age is. Don’t aim for a wrong attention. When we are secure about ourselves and what we can offer, we know that we don’t have to show too much.

Your wardrobe reflects your personality and what you have inside. Too many people focus on looks only and they stop focusing on personal growth.

This is my version of Lipstick Jungle style which resonates with my own personal style. This outfit is saying, I want to be taken seriously but I’m also have a playful side in me.

Please, if I can choose, I don’t want to see anymore skimpy tight short dresses and a cut that is way too low. I know, if you’ve got, flaunt it, right ? Guys love it. But really ? Do you really want to be associated with these type of guys ? Some guys prefers to get to know you, your personality and your brain.


2 thoughts on “Lipstick Jungle, Dress To Impress

  1. Thank you for the comment and visiting my blog. Try Urban Outfitters, you will find both Mary Janes and Flat Boots. JCrew has the best Mary Janes, they are my favorite, too.

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