Vintage 70’s Glamour

Watching the Italian movie “Io sono l’amore” (I am Love”) today transported me to the fashion heaven I have always dreamed of, I don’t see much around. I’m convinced that the Italians knows exactly what glamour means.

Costume designer Antonella Cannarozzi — whose work earned her a Best Costume Design Oscar nomination this year — asked Raf Simons for Jil Sander to outfit the actresses in the movie in crisp sheath dresses and elegant overcoats.

It is exactly what I envision of a perfect wardrobe collection. The kind of fashion that are passed down generations not shopped for, expressive, bold but subtle, contemporary but classic. And it has nothing to do with age, it’s simply glamourous.

A collection of classic jewelries, invest in a few expensive items but are the best, black pearls, Peach shades, Cashmere sweaters, Lavender jacket, Sparkly sweater, rich Cameo necklace, deep Eggplant sweater, oversized earrings, contemporary bracelet, backless dresses, crisp shirt, 2 strand of pearls necklace and strappy heels.

Glamour is about toning down the style and it applies to all types of ages.



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