Silk Week : Spencer Jeremy

Silk and Lace are my favorite. What can I say. I am a Scorpio, they say are the sexiest of zodiac sign and it translate to our choice of clothing. We are gifted in putting up the most ravishing clothes yet look so effortless.

This week you will be browsing through my silk collection which I believe showing so much femininity and sensuality, yet has nothing to do with how much skin you are showing.

I collected them over the years, selectively picked each item like a piece of art. Dressing up is also an art.

I received scholarship from my the company my dad works at. I can use the money for everything rather than college fund, so at a very young age, instead of buying everything every season, I invest in high quality items that are well made, stylish and timeless. Something that will last.

I dream that all of my collection will be passed on to my children and their children to bring them to the old glamourous days in the past.

Below are my Spencer Jeremy collection. The kimono style and Asian inspired design in silk really captured my heart.



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