Boho Boudoir

I love my white vintage boudoir. I simply would not countenance introducing anything new into my temple of “Shabby Chic”. Even my clothes hanger covered in floral print fabric. Nothing pleases me more than finding a piece of vintage item that is infinitely more charming than minimalism or anything to sleek and shiny.

My style is a fusion of England, New England and my boudoir is a nostalgic attic eyrie. I dream of owning a white new England clapboard cottage, complete with swing on the verandah.

Until I saw this place in Seattle. How about this for a change ? A boho boudoir, a reference for history and a thirst for the exotic. Lamps with amusing little shades made of feathers and ruched chiffon. For similar Shabby Chic appearance, sandblast furniture, aged and distressed. And a lavish dark velvet curtains.