Scottish Designer in Seattle : Kim Strang

When I first saw Kim Strang’s cashmere undergarments design “ ImStrang” I instantly fall in love and imagining how comfortable it must be to wear it let alone sleep in it. I love cashmere and the way it feels on skin. And to see them in such beautiful colors is even better.

“ImStrang” is a knitwear design company focusing mainly in luxury hosiery and undergarments that appeals to all ages and using only the highest-quality yarns with vintage button trims. Designs are original and knitted on vintage, manual machines.

Scotland born Kim graduated from The Heriot Watt Scottish School of Textiles with BA honors in Fashion Design for Industry, specializing in knitwear.

Her talents then sharpened throughout plenty of works at a sweater design company based in Seattle which designed for Juicy Couture, Anne Klein, Nordstrom and Sean Jean.

For the past two years ImStrang has been focusing full time on an original line. Her big interest is in creating the fabric as much as creating the silhouette. It excites her to come up with new designs that are fresh and yet still very trendy. Although innovative, her collections are ageless and always wearable. She loves the feeling how it’s flattering to the female body as well as beautiful garment to wear.

Her designs are luxury. They are made by a woman who wants to feel good, for women to make them excited about their bodies and how they dress them.
The cashmere pajamas are sexy and comfortable. The French style boy shorts are low slung and held close to the hips with a drawstring cord. The tank top has adjustable straps for different figure shapes and the whole set is machine washable on a cold and delicate cycle.

Price for a set is $140. All the cashmere used in the design is from Scotland, just like Kim.
Her designs, including her signature socks, are available on her website with links to different on line stores. She is also available at Pike Place Market in Seattle 3-4 days a week.

As a female business owner and a hard working fashion designer, in order to get her name out in the industry, Kim believes everything you dream for is worth trying for. It will be a lot of hard work with many hours but it is truly rewarding to see her designs appear in the market and to hear a feedback is always encouraging.

I can’t wait to get some of her designs for myself.

Also, available for men, Cashmere boxer briefs (bottom picture).


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