French Designer in Seattle : Kathy Sabin-Mensah

Kathy Sabin-Mensah is the creative force behind the brand Kreati-Ka and the winner of Best Evening Wear at Seattle Seamless competition.

I first met Kathy or Kate, at the opening of Rosaline Hampton salon in Bellevue. It was a very brief encounter but creates a long lasting impression. Not only she’s very approachable and likable, but her designs are all things exquisite put together ; refined, charming, delicate, elegant, graceful in a very angelic way that makes me think this must be what angels wear in heaven. But don’t be fooled, those designs are like a true French women, under the enigmatic elegance hides a Femme Fatale inside.

I have never forgotten our meeting and when I decided to write about my favorite Seattle designers, Kate came to mind without a doubt.

Below is my interview with Kate so detailed, it was never done before.

I am excited to know about you, how you started and your aspiration ?

I’m a French designer from Seattle. I desire to bring elegance, originality to women in their casual and eveningwear. I always loved fashion since my childhood but I was first exposed to the world of fashion few years back when I did my internship as an export sale assistant with Cacharel, the famous French brand of ready-to-wear clothing, perfume and accessories. I have been involved in all different aspect of the industry.

What is Kreati-Ka and it’s vision ?

Kreati-Ka was started in 2009, the name “Kate” representing who I am as a designer: looking for elegance and softness in this complex and difficult life.

Kréati-Ka is a women’s line of apparel which combines different fabrics with different materials. I am especially in love with silk because I find it has a touch of delicate sensuality and elegance. Each collection from Kréati-Ka will be a piece of art with every dress created from my imagination. I take my inspiration from a unique observation of the environment: from the outdoors (buildings, nature, lakes, and mountains), from the complexity of my multicultural experience, from the association with selected fabrics to create unique harmony, sensuality and sophistication, and the most important to me from women.

Tell me your creative process and your journey :

In 2009, I decided to go to New York Fashion Academy to have more experience in the industry especially in the construction technique of the garment. Then, I launched my Fall 2011 line “Femme Fatale” which has been presented during the annual fashion show of New York Fashion Academy in April. This is basically where I learnt to sew (18 months).

Tell me about your Fall 2011 Line:

Process: I started to design my line in September 2010. I have been inspired by Femme fatale of Film Noire who was all about seduction and elegance and glamour. I have been charmed by the way they tried to attract their prey in an asymmetric way: using their charm to get what they want, power. Nature, architecture and women have been another part of my inspiration for the design of my line.

I tried to reinterpret the elegance and seduction of my femme fatale by using two opposite fabrics: (chiffon and wool silk) and colors (brown, purple and pink) with some flowers in some of my designs which give some softness to their dark side.

Kreati-ka won with Femme fatale Line: Best Eveningwear at the Seattle Seamless Competition.

Each piece of Kréati-Ka collection is limited edition to meet the fundamental desire of a Woman to be Unique.

Edna: Moon plum wool silk sleeveless sheath dress with an asymmetrical V-neckline and a front fold detail into asymmetrical seam. Plunging U shape in the back with a pink diamond chain in the back.

Laura: Moon Plum wool silk sheath dress with details of pink sheer insets and with puffed cap sleeve.

Adrienne: Dark Taupe wool sleeveless sheath dress with an asymmetrical curved cut out across bust continuing on the back.

Katharine: Dark taupe wool silk fitted dress with a V neck sheer chiffon and chocolate/beige floral coiling embroidery on bust line. The knee length skirt has a wide slit on the right side

Margot: Light rose/brown floral printed chiffon strapless gown with chocolate/beige floral coiling embroidery chocker neckline continuing half way down the back.

Phyllis: Peach skin floral print chiffon strapless gown with halter strap and an asymmetrical floral embroidery on front a pink diamond T-chain detail in a back.

Gilda: light rose/brown floral printed chiffon strapless gown with a slight train

Lucy: Chocolate lace vest fitted at the waist curved with a V neckline front and back. Frog buttons closure on front.

Veronica: Fitted faux-fur brown/beige jacket with a brown ribbon belt.

Below images are : Edna Dress, Laura Dress, Adrienne Dress, Katharine Dress, Gilda Dress and Lucy Dress.

Images Credit to photographers stated on the picture.


3 thoughts on “French Designer in Seattle : Kathy Sabin-Mensah

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  2. Girl! I had no idea you were such a talented designer! So proud!! Please keep me in mind for shoots and shows! I have a team I put together for fashion events! Beautiful work!

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