Parisian Flea Market

Year after year of mall and online shopping, world renowned designer after designer items, I finally feel like I want to try something new. Besides eclectic local boutiques that offer personalized service, I have always dreamed of Parisian Flea market experience. After all, this is one of the most intriguing, sought after and rewarding shopping experience. I love the element of surprise in it like treasure hunting. And to find precious bric a brac with stories behind it, is fulfilling.

When I found out that Century Ballroom in Capitol Hill is having a Parisian Flea Market, I made a plan for a visit along with prominent Seattle stylist Jeremy Buben. We discovered many of the old times momentous that are worth collecting and take home. No impulse shopping, no hurry, just taking time to enjoy the memories of old times.

I found one simple white dress that are going to be accesorized and vintage earrings to match it with. The total of my purhase ? $11.

Parisian Flea Market is continuing at Century Ballroom at the Capitol Hill area until December 10, from 11.00am to 3:00pm, with exceptions on September 24 will be in East Hall and October 22 – NO MARKET.

Seattle is ripe with designers of clothing and artifacts, collectors and sellers of vintage wares and attire, for those who want to share & purchase these treasures. The idea for the market is to give more exposure for small businesses, and to create a centralized area (like Parisian flea markets) where people know they will find anything and everything from baubles and trinkets to antiques and new designs.

Lorraine O’Neal of By-Lo up the stage with amazing vintage, Jeremy’s 1940 brown coat purchase and my white dress purchase.

Loverly Housewares featuring stylish vintage jewelries and the vintage earrings I brought home

Anne & Taylor Sekizaki vintage collection

Chickie Poo, handmade jewelries out of vintage materials including typewriter keys by Anne Dunn

Mollie Malone antique dealer at Pacific Gallerier, bric a brac.


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