Success Story, Jewelry Designer Teresa DeLeen Hettick

Teresa DeLeen Hettick is the owner of Teresa DeLeen jewelry line featuring typewriter keys, recycled and up cycled jewelry.

It’s easy to admire her jewelry design. But learning about Teresa’s journey to become who she is today is extremely inspiring. Teresa is a success story of strong determination and perseverance.

Tres Chic Bellevue is honored to be able to interview her and share her story with my lovely readers.

Teresa took courage to leave her steady job in 2009 to pursue her dream. She started selling her jewelry at Etsy. She also went to visit every store in greaterSeattleasking them to sell her design as a consignment but it didn’t work very well. She endured one rejection to another. It was one of the hardest lessons to learn but it taught her to become skilled at selling at then convinced a dozen local stores to give her a chance.

Finally, her hard work pays off. Earlier this year, she was able to sell her lines wholesale and hired a representative firm to sell her 12 plus lines whole sales to stores in theNorthwest Territoriesand increased the number of stores that carries her line. Her most recent accomplishment is to have Fireworks Gallery picked her line to be featured in all of their 7 stores.

The table has turned. Now stores started calling her so they can carry her line.

Teresa taught herself to design, wrap, work, tool, and create jewelry from fine silver and re-purposed material. She uses everything from up cycled typewriter keys tohand-scuplted and tooled recycled silver. She specialized in initials, but also offers a line of precious metal jewelry in a multitude of styles and themes. What better way to show your own self love than with a piece of art that bears the first letter of your name?

But Teresa doesn’t stop at initials, or even at silver. She repurposes bits of hardware in her sexy, edgy designs, as well as old poker chips which feature unique, youthful, and glossy images that express the inner machinations of her artistic spirit. Like her feminine Donatienne line of initials matches her femininity, so does her Ace line of vintage typewriter keys matches her flavor for the past—a girl anachronism. Her found object designs using beach stones ripple with her love of nature. Her Petit L’Amour line of cursive initials in small, simple silver discs speaks to her romantic spirit, while her repurposed hardware and up cycled poker chips echo both her desire to protect the earth as well as her unique perspective of it.

Her jewelry line is quite affordable with a price ranges between $18 to $70 with an average price of $30.00

Without a doubt, Teresa’s jewelry is one of a kind – much like Teresa herself. Maybe it’s her vibrant red hair that gives her the spark—the fire of creation. Tom Robbins once suggested that redheads were descended from demigods, after all. Whatever the case, it can’t be argued that Teresa sees the world through a lens unlike any other. Her jewelry is a testament to that.

What’s her message to women out there? “NETWORK! Join your local women in business network like Seattle Crave. Most women do not see you as competition, as you might think, but as cheerleaders for your success. I am always flattered when local women in business look to me for advice”.

Besides stores inSeattle,Oregon,Idaho,San FranciscoandAustralia, Teresa De Leen jewelries can be purchased at:

Coming Up: Website with store front due to launch end of September 2011 (It’s fabulous!)

To contact Teresa, email or call her at:

Phone/fax: 800.503.9139

Also find her in Facebook:

 Below are the images of Teresa and her designs. My favorite is the Vintage key.

Which one is your favorite?










Image 20110914-091421.jpg

Images owned by the photographer.


4 thoughts on “Success Story, Jewelry Designer Teresa DeLeen Hettick

  1. Loved this post SO much! Teresa’s jewlery is uniquely beautiful. I agree, the vintage key is adorably pretty.


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