Some Time in Bellevue

Has downtown Bellevue lost its charm ? From the street works and the grinding noises, the detour signs, the close roads to the traffic jam at all hours. It has been a month since I left Bellevue and indulge my new life at the beach this summer.

I feel like an island girl. Beach walks every day, lovely pool to enjoy, soaking in the sun, getting tan, sunset moments with my love, warm summer breeze, romantic summer nights outdoor dinner by the creek and barbeque, quaint little eateries of a beach town and night walks at the marina. I feel as if I am living in a dream. An unlimited vacation.

A few days a week I’m back to Bellevue for work and what a serendipity that I was able to revisit my favorite Bellevue Farmer’s Market. Somehow it brings back the memories of past summer days in the city I’ve loved. And I realize, my new life has stolen my love for Bellevue and I think I’ve found it again. I’m just a girl who always search for a new excitement. And what’s next ? Could it be the little fishing town in Maine, the metropolitan feel of the big Apple, or the land where love is the way of life. It could possibly be “la ville des lumières”, the City of Lights, mes amis.

And it is truly comforting to know that with each seasons that come and go, my love has always been there for me and how excited we are to look into the future and new opportunities together. I am indeed blessed.


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