Friendship Garden

These are pictures of  magical garden at my friend Joan’s house. Nurtured by her own hands, the garden was the place we find solace as we sat down to engage in deep meaningful conversations accompanied by her furry friends.

Joan and I met many years ago through work. Either it’s our passion for art, galleries,  classical music, good books, or cooking that made us clicked instantly.

The memories of our friendship and times spent together are priceless.  From hearing Joan read her book manuscript, savoring her delectable cookings, or just a walk around Green Lake with Theo her Cairn Terrier. Half French half American teacher from Connecticut, everything Joan introduced to me is remarkable.

Our friendship blossomed as  I helped Joan with information about Indonesian culture for her book.  At the same time Joan has becoming my tutor for Business English, Business writing, American history and many more. I remember how excited I was going through pages of  “Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson” book Joan gave me.

I was the photographer at Joan’s wedding. I recall  that joyous moment of her life.  As her wedding vow she wrote  a poetry for her husband about how they met later in life but she knows all along he has always been there.

And now after all of those years I continue to enjoy my quality time with Joan. She is finishing her next book and  she chose me once again as the photographer for her book profile picture.

What an honor.

Friendship is a gift.  Once you find it, cherish it. Giving up is never an option.