H is for Hats

I love hats. Almost as much as I love my fiancee. LOL.

He thinks I have way  too many hats, but a girl can never say too many for fashion. There will always be something uniquely beautiful that needs to be added to the collection. The only key is to find something timeless and match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Hats should be a necessity in every season. Hats are worn to complete the look and  get a certain style.

Below are some of my Casual collection that are so perfect for this Autumn season.  For Formal look, click this link to my previous blogs :



The feathered  top I am wearing is by designer Wayne Rogers. It looks like fur but it’s not.  I will never wear fur. It is pieces of feathers put together. What I love about it the most is it is timeless. I know I can wear it when I’m 70 years old with a pair of pearl earrings and my hair up in chignon.