Prelude :

As I wake up this morning I saw the colorful trees from my bed and all the beauty outside. I am thankful for my life. It is the season to be mellow. To relax. To contemplate. 

My birthday is coming soon, actually it’s Halloween. For me it’s not about time to drink and dress up, Halloween is the time to reflect and a thanksgiving, a time for harvest meal with people that I love.

As I have been spending more time indoor, I really enjoy the quality of it. Where I can really sit down and think about things I can do around our home, read more and listen to others more. I want to be inspired. I want to have a quality of life that becomes my legacy.

One thing at home that makes me smile. Rearranging. I decided to re-arrange my jewelry collection. I collected them since I was really young. Year after year, I find pieces that are unique, that fits my personality. I don’t just buy everything that looks good, I am very selective in buying jewelry. It has to be timeless and unforgettable.

And now, looking at them, I remember all those times when I have the choice of spending my money for something disposable or a piece of jewelry, I’m glad I made the right choice because they will be passed on to my daughter. That is one of my legacy to her. To appreciate style, class and quality.

To get the look, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Vintage jewelries is the best way to get a quality item, without spending too much money. But remember, jewelry is like an heirloom so try to focus on price too much.



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