Saturday Brunch

There are few things that I can’t live without. Travel, Brunch and Beach town.

Think of movies featuring beach towns, “Message in a Bottle”, or ABC TV series “Revenge”.

From Sanur-Bali to Bar Harbor-Maine to St. Peter Port-Guernsey, my experiences with beach town holds a different kind of allure. It’s an idyllic escape for a reprieve from the daily grind offering most photographed views, tasty meals, fun in the sun.

Currently one place that have been my “regular” is “Beach House” bar and grill in Kirkland waterfront. Embodying the best of  beach towns with wondrous backdrop, you can dine and feel the same energy you get from any beach cafe. Free and easy, unpretentious. Everyone deserves to enjoy themselves and a great meal.

My Saturday morning was everything above. Simple pleasures in life but never forgotten.

Make an opportunity to see the world someday. It is an investment that enriches your life. A treasure that stays with you forever.


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