Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg’s most recent visit to Seattle reminds me of a little treasure I have in my closet.

Diane’s renowned iconic wrap dress with signature prints.

I first learned about Diane Von Furstenberg in high school, when I received a special gift from my mom’s friend Vera Lee Bradley. She gave me a bottle of Diane Von Furstenberg “Tatiana” parfume named after Diane’s daughter. It was so lovely with a very feminine scent of Jasmine. I loved it so much I continued wearing it for years.

One day, I saw a ravishing wrap dress. Unlike many printed dress, this dress has a silk blue lining, pretty bows, and the color combination is just glorious. I just have to take it home. And it happened to be Diane Von Furstenberg collection.

I don’t buy something just because it’s a designer brand. It has to be unique, and not mass produced. This dress fits that category.

My wardrobe is like an art collection to me. Every piece is one of a kind item that are selectively collected with a discerning taste. There are many vintage items starting from only $16 to designer items or collection from my travels abroad.

Why they all are important to me ? Each of them has a story.