Night Time Ritual

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing”

Night time is time to rest from our daily activities. Recuperating our minds and our bodies.

I constantly think of a way to make my home peaceful. I love dimmed light living room, scented kitchen, warm bedroom and meticulous bathroom.

During Autumn, I placed Apple Cinnamon scented oil in the kitchen. It fits the season.

My night time ritual is an hour before bed time, I turned on dim lights in the living room & Vanilla Sugar Scented oil, scented candle in the bathroom.
I love how warm the bathroom gets in the morning and the floral scent as I get ready for shower.

I focus mostly in the bedroom area. I sprayed my favorite perfume, place scented pillows in between the sheet cover, turn on the heater and put my blanket in the dryer a few minutes before bed time so it’s toasty warm.

I apply body lotion as I love waking up smells good.

Occasionally I play a music box.

Have a nice dream.

















4 thoughts on “Night Time Ritual

  1. My Husband would love hanging out at your house. He mixes candle and oil scents all over the house. I prefer one scent at a time 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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