Our Thanksgiving

I have been getting so many questions about my Thanksgiving. How was it, how did I celebrate it and requests of pictures of the occasion.

I am a Pescetarian (I substitute meat with fish*) so most of the time,  I am serving Vegetarian meals in addition to  one regular meal. In time, my family started to accept that and they actually enjoy having my cooking because it is sort of a rare treat to them.

The meal I was  serving was very  untraditional Thanksgiving meal. Instead of Turkey I served baked chicken. And the rest it’s all of my family favorites, pizza and baked potatoes.

So, what was on the menu on our Thanksgiving?

Welcome drink, Mimosa.

Margherita Pizza :  Seven whole grain thin crust with sesame and flax seed, roma tomatoes, mozarella, provolone cheese & tomato basil sauce.

Mediterannean Pizza : Seven whole grain thin crust with sesame and flax seed, spinach, fire roasted red onions, sweet red pepper, four cheese including feta cheese, roasted red pepper sauce.

Spicy roasted red skin potatoes

Indonesian baked chicken with coconut milk, shallots, garlic, coriander, brown sugar & peanut oil.

Dessert :

Organic, Vegan, Non dairy chocolate cake that tastes like made by God. Very moist, chocolaty delicious treat.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato.

Here are the pictures of our little celebration. My fiancee was busy working so he wasn’t in the picture. Sorry, sweetheart. Maybe next year.

* Red meat is detrimental to health in many cases due to non-lean red meats containing high amounts of saturated fats.  Eating certain kinds of fish raises  HDL levels,  and some fish are a convenient source of omega-3 fatty acids and have numerous health benefits in one food variety.







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