Wardrobe Choices

How to pick the most important clothes that will last for a long time, easy to mix and match for different occasions?

Here are some tips.

Make sure you add a lot of choices of neutral. You may add  some bright colors that can be mix and matched for different occasions from formal, informal, and casual. Jweleries will do that for a wardrobe as well.

Also attention to detail, precision, some monochromatic color schemes, neatness and better tailoring.

For example, I am wearing a very neutral color and style dress and boots. However, I added a few sparks of color in accessories and tights.

I have learned over the years the universal rule of thumb, wear only one designer item at a time, or one accessory at a time. I have not been following this rule but I think it is a great idea to implement, not to put a limitation on how I dress but it brings simplicity and sophistication.

I hope you enjoy playing around with your wardrobe.



















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