Perfect Holiday Wear from Banna Leigh

My fascination to hats and fascinators were intensified when I saw Banna Leigh collection at Seattle Thread Show.

Founded by Jessica Scott and Lindsey Spates, Banna Leigh is a hat and fascinator company from Oregon. Both understands that when we dress up it’s all about finding our inner goddess all the way.

Hat and fascinator gives an elegant, sophistication and mysterious essence to our fashion. It’s also a way of personalizing your wardrobe and style.

To celebrate this holiday season, a hat and fascinator from Banna Leigh makes a great holiday party wear and a gift.

I am wearing Old Fashion Haze fascinator courtesy of Banna Leigh and I think it’s so perfect to celebrate my white holiday choice.

I complete the look with special gift by Touchstone crystal earrings provided by Cindy Carpenter, and Ann Taylor stretch bracelet provided by Ann Taylor store Bellevue.

I think everyone should own at least one hat and fascinator in their wardrobe.

Visit to find unique piece that match your personality


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