Shop Local

“If you are going going to shop and spend, remember that local businesses do need our support. Buying this way keeps more of your dollar circulating in your local economy, helping small businesses to keep their doors open and their employees paid.

Buying for buying’s sake is rarely sustainable, but when you do seek gifts or goods, buying local is a way to invest in your community while encouraging many of the qualities that make dense environments exciting and livable. So if you must buy, buy local, and patronize independent producers who share your desire for responsibly produced products”.

Source : WorldChangingSeattle by Sarah Kuck and Julia Levitt

I support local business wholeheartedly. They often carry items that are hand select by the owner that are rare and unique. Chances of someone else is wearing an exact item as yours are very slim.

In honor of supporting local businesses, I am wearing a faux fur wrap, newly made by Seattle designer, Bri Seeley and Desigual skirt from Blue Luna Fashion boutique in Bellevue, WA.

Bri Seeley is a winner of 2011 best coat Seamless in Seattle event. Visit her website

Blue Luna Fashion boutique is a trendy shop featuring edgy Europe fashion. Visit

Thank you to Girl Power Hour for a gift of tanning session courtesy of Tropical Tan Queen Anne Seattle.