A Gift from My Daughter

I can not believe 2011 is almost over and this is going to be almost my last blog post this year.

Shortly coming up, my next post will be a sneak peak of what I will be wearing tonight.

2011 is a wonderful year filled with love to me. I feel my fiance’s love every day. There’s no day where he didn’t show me love or saying encouraging loving words. If you can find a man whose goal is to make you happy, he’s a keeper.

This year I get to spend more time with my daughter. I look forward to every weekend to spend with her. If you read my blog post yesterday, my daughter is my everything. She is a gift God sent to me to learn about true love. A love that will never last regardless of time or situation.

In this post, I am wearing a shirt she gave me as Christmas gift. It’s adorable. What makes it very special is because the shirt is all about me. A big heart shaped leopard print with bow. It is perfect to wear with my favorite skinny jeans.

What more can one ask for?