Tweed Jacket

“Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics.” Coco Chanel

Tweed jacket is always a great idea this winter. Match it with casual outfit like jeans and boots.

I love the empowering and chic looks of winter clothes with the coat, jacket, scarves and boots to match. Let Gold and Bronze jewelry shining out through your wardrobe.

My fascination with tweed jacket started in law school. While most of my college mates wore the fashion trend back then which are button up shirts, jeans, and Oxford shoes, I spent my whole month scholarship allowance on one tweed jacket and one beautiful Marks and Spencer pewter satin pumps to wear with my jeans.

And never regret it.

Tweed jackets are a must for any women’s wardrobe. It’s chic, durable and perfect for feminine formal wear. Made from woven wool, tweed jackets are perfect for chilly temperature.

It’s an easy way to add a layer of warmth, comfort and style to any wardrobe. They can be dressed up for a night out on the town or used to simplify an outfit for work. Tweed jackets are long-lasting, and wearing one demonstrates a knowing sense of fashion. Find one that’s right for you and get ready to feel chic time and time again!

Choosing Tweed Jackets:

  1. Sizing your jacket: The length of the jacket is based on your own personal preference. A good rule of thumb for shorter jackets is to ensure the bottom of the seam hits slightly above the hip. Shorter jackets are best for petite women, while longer jackets are great for taller women.
  2. Choosing a design, color or style: Colors within tweed jackets vary. Choose a jacket with colors that will make your current wardrobe basics pop. For example, a tweed black and pink jacket would pair perfectly with a blouse in the same shade of pink. Tweed is a textured fabric, so try to pair it with contrasting fabrics such as silk or cotton.  You should avoid wearing more than one tweed item at the same time.
  3. Caring for your jacket: Be sure to read the care instructions on the jacket. Because of the texture of tweed, spot cleaning will often get the job done. Using a pumice stone is a popular method for removing small food and fuzz balls. For stains and hard to remove spots, dry cleaning is your best option.