Proudly Wearing Marca Shoes

Marca Shoes has captured my heart since the first time I saw it and to learn the story behind it, makes me love it even more.

Marca Shoes is a handmade product of Martha and Cat Montjoye, a mother-daughter collaboration, based out of Seattle and Medellin, Colombia with the purpose of bringing beautifully, hand-crafted footwear to their clients. Marca Shoes also focuses on superior craftsmanship and preserving the amazing art of shoe making.

All Marca Shoes products are manufactured in artisanal workshops in an area of Colombia ravaged by a 60-year war.

Every season, they hand pick the materials to bring excellent products to their customers.
Marca Shoes draws inspiration from European craftsmanship and global influences. In addition, Marca Shoes supports causes close to their hearts, one of those is education. Marca Shoes created the “Shoes for Books” project; Marca Shoes donates a school kit to for each pair of shoes their customers’ purchase to children in need in their community.

Besides my favorite Mary Jane style that is featured in the video and pictures, they also have the Oxford shoes, wedding shoes and even sneakers. I love my Oxfords so much, I wear it every day. It made so beautifully even the soles has pretty details.

You can wear it with jeans, dresses and to every occasion.