Silk And Sequins

“There’s always sun after the snow.”

We all need a bit of sunshine and warmth here in Washington state after we got snowed in.
And we finally did! Yesterday, at 58 degree weather, I soaked in the sun all day.

I’ve been thinking of my late grandmother lately. We were extremely close and I miss her immensely. Her laughs, her joyful spirit and her strength that shines throughout her life.

But life brings meaningful events when least expected.

Besides the sun, I got a chance to attend a wonderful event for Indonesian citizens living in Seattle yesterday. Our consulate general was visiting from San Francisco and we got to see him share the news about Indonesia and its future.

The event brings me close to home as I surrounded by lovely people, music, dance and culinary delights prepared by talented Indonesian women and men, too.

All the joy overcome my sadness and that reminds me of one Indonesian philosophy, “Life is like wheels. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. But you keep on going to reach your destination”.

To my grandma, Ik mis jou Oma schat. This blog is for you.

I was wearing silk and sequins to the event last night and my favorite shoes Desire by Badgley Mischka. The skirt is a gift from my fiance. I was in a store trying the skirt out and sent a picture to him. He told me to bring the skirt to the cashier and he’ll call them with his debit card number. And he did.

Hope you find the sunshine in your life when you need it the most.