Black & Gold

This is some ideas of how to accessorize a simple black dress. The idea is to be as subtle as possible but help you get noticed.

I picked gold colors jewelry to style the dress. I’ve been looking for gold coin necklace for a while and found this in vintage store, along with the purse and bracelet.

With many online companies selling jewelry and accessory, picking out a perfect jewelry can be overwhelming. Often, with less than desirable quality.

Vintage pieces, unlike any other jewelries is one of a kind. You will be wearing rare pieces and stand out among crowds. Once in while, you will find a high quality item.

To me, it has sentimental values of the previous owner and brings me back to certain era. A glorious time of women focused on their femininity with class and received respect from men.

Dressing up is putting up a perfect ensemble of clothing, regardless of price that makes you look irresistible. Keep in mind, it has nothing to do with the amount of skin you show.

Bring out the best in you and the attention and respect you deserve.