From New York City

Greetings from the Upper West Side!

I am in New York city for a special Valentine’s Day trip arranged by my fiancé.

Knowing how much I love the big Apple particularly Manhattan area, he asked me a few weeks ago how would I feel to have a romantic Valentine’s dinner in Manhattan.

My heart fluttered. This man always put my dreams and desires on the top of his list and he makes sure it is all met.

There is no day passed by that he didn’t think of how to make me happy.

Today, we went to two museums in New York, the MET and Guggenheim. It turns out that the MET closes on Monday so we went to the top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) to see the city from the 67th floor and the “Joie” project, crystal chandelier made up of 14,000 pieces of STRASS Swarovski Crystal designed by Architect Michael Gabellini.

The chandelier displayed rotating 180° in the Rockefeller Center, along three floors of the Center’s Grand Atrium Lobby measures 10.6 meters and weighs 2.3 tons.

We then went to the Guggenheim, a walk in Central Park and Italian dinner in Times Square.

My choice of outfit today was colored denim, polka dots blouse and faux fur gilet. The colored denim is a wonderful and stylish choice this season and can be worn with so many different options.
Being a person who always coordinate colors, I discovered a new wonderful world in matching opposite colors.

After all you know what they say, Opposite Attracts.

Until then. More blog post about our Valentine’s dinner.