Spring Fling

First of all, Happy International Women’s day.

Women are the most delicate flowers yet when needed becomes extremely strong.

I am proud of all of you. Being a woman is not easy. Dealing with hormonal changes monthly, falling in love with boys then one day at certain age married, have babies and take a full responsibility raising human being. We carry a lot on our shoulders.

Just remember one thing, never lose your sense of dignity. Respect your self at all times.

With that said, let’s celebrate life to the fullest!

Spring is right around the corner and there are many bright colors everywhere already.

I have to be honest, I am not fond of bright spring colors and Spring fashion, but lately I notice some exciting colors that grows in me.

Starting from Coral. I learned over the years that this color works like magic with my skin tone. I love Coral colored lipsticks and nail polishes.

Then comes mint green and lilac that are becoming dominant colors of Spring 2012.

Last but not least, yellow will be a color that cheers up everyone at any day.

For accessories gold is my very favorite this year, the larger the better.

Leopard prints will still be in my agenda for a long, long time. I also have some floral print dresses that will be out of the closet soon.

Happy, Happy Day.