Black Leather Pants

I have heard so many times lately, that everyone was ready for Fall fashion and I started to see boots and scarves everywhere.

I on the other hand, grew up in Indonesia a Summer girl by nature. I love the beauty of Summer fashion and all the possibilities you can put into it and everything about Summer is a celebration. The beach, the outdoor cafes, rooftop parties, the bright morning sun, staying in bed in the morning and goes to sleep at night with the windows open, eat sweet succulent black cherries, even the sweet coconut smell of sun block.

I am dreading for Summer to be over. While I love Fall fashion in the midst of Autumn colors and crisp weather, it is just not here yet.

I woke up today and saw how gloomy the sky was and sadly thought this is it. I looked at my current season obsession nautical ropes prints and maybe just maybe I will still be able to wear them one more time. So, I put on one of them and guess it’s time put on the black leather pants my daughter introduced to me for Fall and super sized links necklace.

Then suddenly, the sun shines gloriously and I am the happiest Summer girl for right now.

The look won’t be complete without the Rocco E Dante “Como” hobo bag by local designer Tara Sauvage in Shark Grey Italian leather, on sale here at $228. Original price $498.