DIY, scarf into a blouse

“There are low spots in our lives, but there are also high spots, and most of them have come through encouragement from someone else”. George M.Adams

I especially want to say to all of my readers in the United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Netherlands, France, Pakistan, Russia, Finland, Grenada, Malaysia, Colombia, Canada, Vietnam, Brazil and Norway :

Thank you, Terima Kasih, Dank U, Merci, Shukriya, Spasiba, Kiitos, Gracias, Cam On, Obrigada, Takk.

For being Tres Chic Bellevue loyal reader. I appreciate all of you.

A quick post for today is my Do It Yourself project turning my scarf from Paris into a blouse. I basically clipped the scarf into my chain necklace then tied it up to my back. That’s it.

I’m attending my skin care Votre Vu Paris convention today and excited to rock the look.

Have a fantastic day everyone !