Votre Vu Pops the Cork

As a brand ambassador of Votre Vu Paris, I can’t tell you enough how proud I am to work with this company and how much I love their products.

With a true French tradition where women uses only high quality products for their skin and body, Votre Vu is a creme de la creme products that are naturally based born from the lush regions of the French countryside and the Mediterranean sea : lush botanicals, essential oils, marine superstars.

It is also perfected by true artisans, handcrafted in an 80 year old lab in France and all products are professional grade, all Votre Vu’s products are blended with a much larger percentage of powerful active ingredients unlike most products sold in America which contains mostly of water or oil.

I attended Votre Vu Founders Tour yesterday at beautiful Canterwood Golf and Country Club in Gig Harbor, Washington and so inspiring to watch successful women, make up tips from celebrity make up artist Karien Wooldridge, the healthy and safe ingredients in our products and to learn that Votre Vu gives back to the community.

Here’s some simple make up tips from Karien :
1. Invest in high quality brushes that lasted for years
2. Use brush to apply your foundation. It will give you an airbrush finish look
3. Synthetic brushes are better. It creates soft layered look with make up
4. Eye liner is a like a little black dress
5. For morning make up, use mascara on your top lash only. Not only it looks natural but it also avoids the smudge at the end of the day
6. Less is more. Overdone make up is not attractive.