Sequins and Spikes

Good Bye Summer, Welcome Fall.

Saying good bye to Summer is like saying good bye to a good friend. You started to feel so familiar, so comfortable with it and it’s not an easy good bye.

I woke up this morning, saw the darkness around me, the chill weather and I know, Fall is saying Hello to me.

These are pictures from yesterday, a day when I feel like putting no make up on, didn’t brush my hair and jeans and T-shirt kind of day. But, I just have to add a little or more, sparks and spikes to it. The sequins T-shirt, spikes necklace and spiked loafers.

I want to personally thank you my readers in Bulgaria, Blagodarya and readers in Italy, Grazie.

I hope you all find beauty all around you and thankful for what you’ve got.