Vince Camuto Pants

Welcome first Fall Rain.

You bring joy, fresh air, new colors and many style ideas.

Today, I was invite by a friend to a woman business meeting and heard many inspirational stories that I haven’t heard before.

I would love to share a few that really touched me deeply.

1. Be helpful to other women, don’t be a candle blower, meaning putting other women down
2. A lot of insecure people hide behind their material possesion but being kind to others shows radiantly
3. Chase your dreams as far as you can, don’t put your dreams in a box
4. There are so many possibilities out there to reach and don’t let fear stops you
5. Make Faith, family and career in order as your priority.

I hope you believe that as woman we can do anything we want as long as we are focused.

And now, the million dollar question : What did I wear today?

I picked my Vince Camuto pants, Brooks Brothers floral blouse and Michael Kors ankle booties.

Vince Camuto pants are one of the best pants ever made. Its slim and clean cut makes a silhouette that fits perfectly in women’s body. I found this bright red lipstick pants and fell instantly in love. It’s adventurous yet refined style is perfect for Rock ‘N’ Roll style match with black fur vest or a formal night out with a silk blouse.

My favorite is the reversible black faux fur vest.