Interview with Rosaline Hampton

Rosaline Hampton Salon celebrates its one-year anniversary and a lot of wonderful things has happened in one year.

When I think of Rosaline Hampton owner of Rosaline Hampton salon, I think of, ” What is the next brilliant idea will she come up with ?” Besides being a very consistent and focused business person, she continues to reinvent her activities that I believe is one of the main key of her success besides the support of her loving husband that is so clear to see.

I am excited to find out more, and each time, she amazes me.

Last Summer for example.

In 2010, Rosaline Hampton founded Rosaline Hampton Fashion Camp. It is a way to encourage young girls to discover their personal style and build confidence through the art of hair, make-up and fashion.

The 2nd Annual Rosaline Hampton Fashion Camp took place August 6-10th this year at Rosaline Hampton Salon in Bellevue. In one week, teenage girls learned interactive workshops on beauty, fashion, and wellness focuses on teaching teens the skills they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives by empowering them to set and achieve goals and make positive choices. The teens attended the camp participate in a scholarship funded by Rosaline HamptonSalon, Inc.

Each day of camp features a new area of focus including hair, make-up, wardrobe and accessories.

Rosaline Hampton also releases first issue of Rosaline Hampton Fall edition magazine filled with guides for a great style. You can pick the first issues at Rosaline Hampton Salon at
188 106th Avenue Northeast #400, Bellevue.

In addition to that, I got to ask Rosaline a few questions about what is new in her salon and her expertise about Fall trend.

Q : Tell me about Rosaline Hampton salon team and their specialties.
A : Jean Mitsuko, is a Hair and makeup stylist at Rosaline Hampton. She’s also our extension specialist.
Cassie Hackett, Assistant to Rosaline Hampton, hair and makeup, training with me on wardrobe styling
Jeannette Igtanloc, Assistant to Rosaline Hampton, hair and makeup, also training with me on wardrobe styling
Faith Hutcherson, My salon coordinator, she oversees the stylists calendars, manages our events, and also manages our social media

Q : What is the Fall hair trend
A : We have “The New Colour” line by Davines at the salon. This ammonia-free permanent coloring system is designed and formulated to offer total coverage and perfect lifting. It provides extraordinarily velvety, intense and multi-faced colors with natural anti-oxidants for long-lasting, shiny colors, which is perfect for Fall.

Q : What is the fall make up trend
A : Senna Cosmetics just sent me their Fall/Winter makeup line called “Bewitching Beauty”. It’s an aura of tough sensuality and glamour. Stunning eyes and dramatic lips. (To Tres Chic Bellevue readers, see the last image below)

Q : Since Holiday is approaching, are you offering anything special at Rosaline Hampton Salon?
A : The newest addition at Rosaline Hampton is an exciting new client experience that’s designed according to our clients individual needs. The purpose is to make each visit to the salon even more unique to my clients. To launch the custom experience, all appointments with me are receiving a on-on-one complimentary 15 minute image consultation before their appointment.

Q : What is in your future calendar?
A : Fitness and Fashion Event at Flywheel in Bellevue on October 25th.

Stay Tuned, we will feature separate article about this event. And to learn more about Rosaline Hampton Salon, visit her website.

I just want to say this, in a world where many draws attention to themselves, Rosaline focuses on helping others, the next generation of women in this country. And it is truly touching and inspring.

I ask myself today, what have I done for others?

Images courtesy of Rosaline Hampton and the photographer.







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