White Pants


Fashion is character, personality. It is an excitement to share with others your individual style. It is not about where you bought it from, it’s about your creativity in putting together an outfit that works for you, looks good on you.

It’s about elegance, creativity and uniqueness. No one should dress like others. Keep your creative juices flowing to celebrate your own individual style from your experiences in life, your travels, your findings then emphasis on something that is “unusual”.

Everybody dresses the same way, but finding your own new style is much more fun.

Today, I am putting together a style that is fairly new to me. Stretched white pants and a sleeveless V-Neck sweater made of rayon. But I found the fit and comfort is incredibly amazing. It works every angle of my body.
The wool tweed jacket Is a very unique 1960’s retro style in Turquoise and make a great combination with whites.

I hope you are having a great week. I hope you discover a new style today.