Fur Vest

Fall mornings are so beautiful and so quiet. I can sit down and enjoy my green tea for hours watching the sun comes out and touch the ground, the trees with its golden glow. Then the world gets brighter and merrier and I can’t help but to smile.

That natural glow is an amazing color that can be so beautiful to apply to fashion. It is a source of my inspiration today. I pick this faux fur vest with animal print of an antelope that reminds me of the golden hue of sun.

One thing to remember when picking up a vest, make sure it fits your curves and the length should not be longer than your hips. Wearing fur means one word, chic.

I pair it with white turtle neck sweater, equestrian legging, purple suede pumps and a statement necklace.

I love this necklace. It has a very antique vibe and brushed with 10K gold plated and it is also a wax seal stamp. The bottom is engraved with the mirrored words “with love”.

It is reminder of the day to love others.

Smile to strangers, hold a door for a person behind you, let other drivers get into a lane in front of you, put your shopping cart to the place it should be.