Investment Pieces

I have mentioned in my blog to always find your unique style. That is what my blog and pictures is all about.

A real creative and stylish person will always create something new, break stereotypes and ignore trends.

It is true that when it comes to style there are no rules, instruction or principles to follow. But there are certain things that are basics that we all should know and use. For example we dress according to our body types. Certain style just won’t work for certain body types.
One good example is mini skirt.

Another thing to remember is to invest into pieces that look chic and timeless.
Make sure you buy items that look wonderful, spectacular and unforgettable: a leopard-printed coat, a beautiful dress, a chic necklace or something of this kind.

You’ll recognize the piece as soon as you see it. It is better to save money for one investment piece than spend money on ten trendy items. It might cost you a bit, but it is worth it.
Why ? Because quality shows. You’ll know you look gorgeous in it and everyone believes you look gorgeous wearing it. And it will stay with you forever.

My choice today is what I call power outfit, something someone needs on job interviews. A well tailored blazer, silk blouse, statement necklace, pencil skirt and designer heels.
The person interviewing you will think twice to offer you a low salary just by the look of your outfit.
However, your high maintenance looks need to be equal to a high performance.

Good Luck in finding your own style.